Gans Inkjet Digital Division

With a 60 year tradition of having the best service in the business, Gans Ink & Supply Co. is your one stop shop to all things sublimation.  We carry paper, supplies, hardware and software, bulk cartridge systems, and much more.

With our extensive knowledge in Commercial, Security, Sublimation, and Energy Curable inks, we understand the reality and challenges faced by many companies in adopting new digital inkjet printing technologies.  By incorporating our expertise in ink manufacturing technology, we provide a formula for digital inkjet printing success.

Gans’ Pyrojet series offers exceptional strength, amazing optical density and an unsurpassed color gamut for any sublimation medium.  Contact the Gans Digital Inkjet Division for the best ink match for your product, media, or application.



"Hey Syd, I just wanted you to know that your products rock, and that you have helped stabilize our business. Switching to you was one of the best decisions we have made this year."

Beau Barrett
Junk Brands